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Welcome to the Apollo III Flight Simulator Site.

You're welcome to fly on this site at any time.  This is where you can experiment, fly in formation, test your own ATC skills, system setup, or just have fun.

Rules are somewhat lax, as beginners are welcome to practice and learn.  Veteran simmers are welcome and invited to share their experience. Make this your home!

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FSInn/VATSIM FAQ - FSInn Quick Install Steps

Pilot Client (FSD):  FSInn1.3
Voice: TeamSpeak
ATC: Pro Controller
Repair FS9's Install Directory: FS9Tool.exe



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Flight Simulator
A project im working on
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Hi, im working on a ATC Network, like VATSIM/IVAO but small...

Awesome Abandoned Airfields, Airports and Aircraft [42 PICS]
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Air travel has become a major part of our society, with ind...

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Hey Larry, I enjoyed the flight a lot, it's a whole new sim...

Apollo Blog
Flight Simulator X (FSX) the dust settles
Flight Simulator X was released in October of last year. Many people anxious for its release rushed to the stores to get their copy. The initial impact was dismay. Personally I don't know why. Microsoft had already given a preview for the users to run and look at and see what they would be getting.

The biggest complaint was the performance on the most common machines currently out.

I'm sure the people with the most complaints had forgotten that FSX was being developed to last a long ti [more]

FSX Soon to be released
Flight Simulator X (FS10) is forecasted to be released within the next month. The latest Beta has been widely distributed by Flightplanet.com. Of course the FSX Demo was distributed by sites just about everywhere.

The Demo was a nice preview of what's to come. It was a good gesture of Microsoft to allow the many anxious fans to have some release from their much anxiety and anticipation. Many people were craving all things FSX.

There were lots of negative comments about the demo. Some [more]

A Joystick for Flight Simulator
After using Flight Simulator for three years, I finally decided to do research to find out if I was getting the most out of my input controllers. First I noticed there were a number of controls on my Saitek X45 controller that werenít being utilized by default. So I decided to start off by setting up an elevator trim assignment. I must say, assigning the elevator trim to an Axis control made flying so much easier that I almost felt I was cheating. However, it canít really be considered cheating [more]
Sony: Open your PlayStation Portable's firmware to developers
An open letter to Sony Ė Attention PSP Developers

First I would like to congratulate you for a fine peace of hardware. Everyone I have showed it to (the Playstation Portable) from the youngest to the oldest has been very impressed. Of course I show different content to different people.

The children are very attracted to the games. However, in my after school program, I copy audio and video clips to the SD Card as a teaching tool. They learn the audio and video content very quickly. T [more]



LiveATC (RealWorld)
Flight of the A380
 Pictures of Flight Simulator X
A Nice Homebuilt CockPit (Video)
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FSINN Support
Help with private voice chat
Last post by GerryR on 04/10 18:58
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Hi L.D. James, Just wanted to thank you for you help. Ev...

Seeing airliners ?
Last post by L. D. James on 02/23 02:11
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[quote=jymp;792]Now that I have FSInn running with FS9 & Vi...

Disconnects from VATSIM
Last post by L. D. James on 02/23 02:09
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[quote=Socalpilot;793]Hello, I am experiencing a problem ...

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