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Flight Simulator Online Support Files

Other Flight Simulator Files
Premiere List of Files (Page 1)   Our Choice Selection of Flight Simulator Files
SetupFSInn1.2.exe   The French Development Team's Pilot Client (Older Version)
MPP_Airliners_05323.exe   MPP package of Airliners Models
MPP_GA_05327.exe   MPP package of General Aviation Models
MPP_Military_051111.exe   MPP package of Military Models
SetupFSCopilot16.exe   The FSInn Application Interface (Older Version)
FSInn_1_2_EN.pdf   FSInn User's Guide (Both FSInn1.2 and FSInn1.3)
FSCopilot_1_6_EN.pdf   FSCopilot Manual (The FSInn Application Interface - both FSCopilot1.6 and FSCopilot1.7)
FSFDTToolKit.exe   Integrity checking tool for Flight Simulator, FSInn, and Simconnect
fsd1110.tar.gz   FSD server for Linux/Unix
fsd-win.zip   FSD server for Windows
xsquawkbox   X-Plane FSD Connection Client
Qutescoop   Servinfo type utility for Linux (Much better!)
UIAutomationCore.zip   Needed dll for FSX on Windows 7
resetFSInnScreens.exe   Reset the position and sizes of FSInn Screents.
FindFS.exe   Locate the installed path of FS9 and FSX. Important for Windows 7 since it hides the location of Windows Games.
fsd-service   FSD flight service autostartup script.