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Flight Simulator Online Support
and Choice Files

Absolute Jewel Flightsim Addons
Other FS Files (Page 2)   Another list of files that are of interest to the Flight Simulator Community
exportregDB.zip   A resource for rebuilding the lost repository and providing this service while mcdu.com is down.
SetupFSInn13.exe   Currently Beta - but better and more stable
SetupFSCopilot17.exe   Currently Beta - but better and more stable
FS9Tool.exe   Utility to Fix FS9's mal-configured directory installation.
FSXfix.exe   Utility to Fix FSX's mal-configured directory installation.
ProController   ATC Utility For FSD servers such as the Apollo III Server
ServInfo   Graphic view of ATC and Pilots online.
FS Recorder   Great replacement for FSX's Video recorder - many features, including save Instant Replay to File.  (FSX SP2 Compatible)
FS Recorder   Replacement for FS9's Video recorder - Many features, including save Instant Replay to file
fsscreen.zip   Excellent Screen Capture Program
ts2_client_rc2_2032.exe   Team Speak Voice Client
Guru3D - Driver Sweeper   Cleanly remove files left after a video driver uninstall.
fsdbase205b.tar.bz2   FSD Server database and connection time logging utility with Admin Tools.
fsd-ubuntu-120413.tar.bz2   FSD Server modified for comiling under Ubuntu
vasfmc-2.0a9-standalone-win32.zip   Excellent FMC Utility - Works with all versions of Flight Simulator.