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FSD Server Login information:

Inn Control Panel -> Set -> Network -> (Click an available Net Slot to update) -> (Fill in the Connection information:)
Login Information
Net Label:Apollo
Server: fsd.apollo3.com

Settings for Servinfo:

From Servinfo click Options -> Connection Parameters -> (Select one of the Custom Networks) -> (Under Network Name:) Apollo (Under Locator path url:) fsd.apollo3.com/whazzup -> Ok.

Flight Log Facility Available here.

Feedback/comments on our FORUM

Feel free to fly formation, use ground vehicles and experiment as you see fit.

You're welcome to download Pro Controller and use it to experiment or control any space you would like.  Use the same username and password to connect ATC with Pro Controller.
(Setup Instructions and Manual for Pro Controller)

Download Servinfo to see the flights on the FSD server
Use www.apollo3.com/whazzup for the connection option for Servinfo

Other tips: Configuring VATSIM Voice

All comments and suggestions are welcome at http://www.apollo3.com/feedback or webmaster@apollo3.com or our FORUM.